The Croque Monsieur was created in the 19th century by a well known Bistrot owner in Paris.

Very popular in France, it is a delicate & gourmet version of your typical toasted sandwich, made with two slices of spelt bread for a light & crispy bite; layers of local ham; gluten free béchamel sauce for a silky & creamy touch; and Emmental cheese that melts perfectly with a subtly sweet taste, complemented by a slight nuttiness and a hint of fruitiness.


These iconic French delicacies are also part of our menu:

Burgundy garlic snails

Crème brulee

Dark chocolate mousse

Depending on the season, Sam will always bring something new.


Gluten free, vegetarian & pescatarian options are available for private functions on request. 


You can hire us for your events, functions, birthday parties, weddings or any celebration

either for a CROQUE PARTY or a FINGER FOOD  menu.

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